Robert Jordan


I am first an outdoor enthusiast, angler, artist who enjoys the subtleties of existence. I’m a novice at fly tying even after doing so for 10 years off and on, and have worked on several patterns and gained familiarity with the process. I have worked in two fly shops very close to the Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana. There I acquired great knowledge about the fly fishing and hunting and all things remotely outdoors. I have shared the knowledge that I have accumulated with family and friends that are not so familiar with these sports. I guide and instruct in areas such as outdoor education and boat safety, knot tying, fly selection, insect identification, seining, and proper boat and fish handling.
I just finished my 3rd season guiding for Stream and Brook Fly Fishing. I am certain that joining Stream and Brook and MDTU has improved my angling for a number of species. Also, as an active member of Mad Dog Trout Unlimited and past member of New Haven River Anglers, I appreciate their efforts and continue to learn from these groups through community service and resource management. I am always looking to educate and learn ways to share our precious resources. I love that I get to enjoy the breath-taking views and resources that are offered in this state.

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