Summer has come and gone.

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The leaves are changing and the fish are all getting dressed up. As they say, ” as above, so below.” The temperatures have been in the forties in the evenings making the water temps in the mid to high fifties during the day. The bugs are getting noticeable smaller and there are fewer anglers present on the water. It seems that the hottest time of the day has been presenting great hatches, but fish have still been much more receptive to taking flies when the light is substantially lower.
There was frost covering the windshields the other morning when we hit the river. I could see my breath and the dog piles harden as the car was warming. Steam clouds were rolling from the rooftops to release the chill from the previous evening.
I suspect most to be off to work or scouting their turkey, deer and what have you. I have to admit that getting out early is an invigorating way to begin a day. Having relocated and not been on the water too frequently, I have fished the Winooski River. This system offers great fishing within a 10 mile drive from my front door. I am excited by the views of the range in the Stowe area, as I come over the hill into the Duxbury-Waterbury area.
There, my day started fishing streamline nymphs in a tandem fashion, separated by a single soft weight. I fished pockets and riffles to pick up rainbows and browns that had not been disturbed by any anglers thus far. I definitely noticed a spark of activity the moment the sun glazed the water surface.

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