1 or 2 day Learn to Fly Fish School

Fun with helpful instruction

Fun with helpful instruction

A Stream and Brook Fly Fishing School experience is unlike any other you may have considered. Non-intimidating and suited for any level of angler, Stream and Brook strives to meet all anglers’ needs. First, you will not be part of some group; it’s just you (and whoever you bring) with the instructor. We never have more than a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio. Second, the school occurs when you need it. We do not set dates; you do. Finally, we come to you. Let us know where in Vermont you live, or where you will be lodging, and we will  conduct the instruction on the local waters that we know work well for the instruction.

2-Day Fly Fishing School

IMG_2372The 2-day school is best suited for beginners who want a great introduction to the world of fly fishing. Each day will be 6 hours long. Day One is mostly off water.  We’ll spend time explaining all about the gear and its use.  You’ll learn the vital fly fishing knots required, on-stream strategies, and the different flies we use to match aquatic insect hatches and other creatures that fish love to eat.  To break up the show-and-tell portion of the day, we’ll spend the rest  of the time learning the skill of casting. By days end,  you’ll have a strong foundation for being able to:

  • pick up and  lay down
  •  false cast
  • roll cast
  • shoot line

Our goal is to show you how much fun fly fishing is. Also, to what is involved in getting started, should you want to continue in the sport. We’ll coach you on how to coach yourself in order to cast with  smooth, effortless, rhythm to free your mind  for Day 2.

Day Two is entirely on the water.  We’ll continue to strengthen what you learned on Day One, applying that knowledge to on-stream situations. We’ll teach you how to be  aware of your surroundings as you approach the water to give you some clue what might be going on in the aquatic environment. We will show you how to “read” the water and where to position yourself to best present the fly. You will learn where and why trout “hold” where they do. More specifically,  you will learn which situations and conditions require a dry fly, nymph, wet fly, or streamer. Additionally we will show you different methods for casting into those tough to reach spots.


1-Day Fly Fishing School

This school is more suited for novice fly fishers who are looking to hone their casting abilities or learn some more technical casting skills. It’s a full day on the water(8 -9 hours). We’ll instruct on all aspects from the 2-Day School, with a more technical approach to strategies and techniques for managing line, while casting and directing your fly through the drift.

 The skills that you learn with us, you can take anywhere in the country.

 2-Day School

$450 1st person
$300 for each additional guest

1-Day School

$275 1st person

$150 for each additional guest

All gear is provided. Snacks and water provided.

Please Contact Us with your interest in attending our fishing lessons, or with any questions you may have.
We will be more than happy to set up a fishing class for you.

Once a class has been scheduled, you may place a deposit by clicking here.
Note that you will need to manually enter in your payment amount on the PayPal site.

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